Find a bearing

(Dimensions in mm)
Bore diameter Exactly
≤ d ≤ d =
Outer diameter Exactly
≤ D ≤ D =
Width Exactly
≤ B ≤ B =

The target of the group is to motivate the employees to execute quality and effective work and to take responsibility for their results, to reach identification of the interests of employees with the interests of the company and thus make suppositions for the execution of commercial and development strategy of the company.

Fields of motivation:

Care of employees: 

  • Motivation program
  • Collective contract
  • Work safety and health protection policy
  • The aim of the company is to create working environment in this field and to develop policy and procedures leading to a higher performance of the employees

Monitoring of the satisfaction of the employees:

  • Questionnaire survey of satisfaction
  • Department of complaints
  • The aim is to cover the areas in the conditions of the company in which the largest dissatisfaction of the employees is seen and define the areas with which the employees are fully satisfied

Motivation through evaluation:

  • monthly evaluation of individual working performances
  • Process dialogue – annual evaluation
  • The evaluation of the working competence with the stress on the professional and working requirements
  • evaluation of the relation of the employee to the work
  • the rate of identification with the company

Financial motivation:

  • motivation through salary
  • material stimulation
  • bonus for health
  • bonus for an improvement proposal
  • bonus for the improvement movement
  • extraordinary working anniversaries
  • supplementary pension insurance

Motivation to quality:

  • Improvement movement
  • improvement proposals
  • Quality targets
  • Quality policy
  • Choice of Employee of the year
  • Systematic realisation of the need of quality working performance, quality production and thus improving the competitiveness of the company products