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More than 100 Years of Experience in Mechanical Engineering and Bearing Production

Mechanical engineering in Bytča has more than 100 years of history.In 1898, the first wood calliper was produced, which can be considered the beginning of mechanical engineering in Bytča.The company’s history began in 1906 with the registration of Považský kovopriemysel in the commercial register.The company’s development had been complex and the current business name KINEX was registered in 1960.

The structure of the production programme has gradually changed over time.The first bearing produced in Slovakia left the production line in the Kysucké Nové Mesto plant in 1950.Initially, this plant produced balls and ball bearings; later, it introduced cylindrical rollers and cylindrical roller bearings.The key year for the plant was 1959 when the production of bearings for axles of rail vehicles was launched, which continues to this day.

The Bytča plant launched the production of bearings in 1965 with special double-row bearings.At the start, the range of bearings included bearings for the textile industry with an addition of bearings for water pumps of internal combustion engines (1978) and bearings for bicycle hubs (1987).

The production plants were transformed in early 1990s and they now belong to the KINEX BEARINGS group.From 1 September 2000, KINEX incorporated ZVL Skalica, a.s. as a production plant.In 2008, the production of aviation bearings moved to Bytča from the Skalica plant, which was discontinued.

Currently, the Bytča plant focuses on the production of bearings for the textile industry, water pumps of combustion engines and for the aviation industry.The Kysuce plant specialises in bearings for the railway industry and the standard catalogue range.