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Reliable operation of rolling bearings depends on the actual quality bearings. Rolling bearing lifetime is also affected by other factors, especially operating environment, professional installation and proper maintenance. Machine must be maintained in good working order. In addition to providing necessary deposit misalignment it is necessary to protect the bearings from external temperature, humidity and pollution.

It must be chosen the correct installation procedure and the selection of suitable equipment to avoid damage of the bearings during assembly.

Compliance with plans of lubrication and maintenance, inspection of operating conditions is an important prerequisite for maximum bearing lifetime. This serves assembly manuals. These determine the instructions for assembly, disassembly and inspection of bearings.
Assembly, disassembly and maintenance of bearings must be carried out by qualified and professionally competent staff. Prepared and trained people using the right devices can reduce damage to bearings during installation and maintenance.

KINEX BEARINGS is committed to reliability, quality bearings and provide training and proper installation and maintenance bearings by training workers of their customers, but publishes a recommends mounting instructions, fitting instructions and defects catalogs which should contribute to increasing the lifetiem and durability of their bearings.



Basic rules for mounting and dismounting of bearings are shown in the accompanying publication.

Assembly, disassembly and defects of rolling bearings (size 4,8 MB).

List of common bearings damages are shown in the publication.

List of damages of used bearings (size 3,9 MB)