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The design and successful implementation of your projects often face a lack of knowledge and the need for consultation in the context of knowledge in various technical areas in your company simply do not have.
KINEX BEARINGS as one of the world's leading manufacturers of rolling bearings in Europe, with a broad portfolio of products and a long history of you is helping innovative solutions in construction machinery and equipment in construction, load-bearing capacity calculations and modeling assemblies of machinery and equipment.
Technical - consulting service of company KINEX BEARINGS, as have experienced engineers, project managers and designers who, with their knowledge and experience are willing to provide support in the design of bearings of the design and calculation of bearings, mounting and dismounting of bearings, identifying the causes of dropping the bearing in operation and provide support throughout the entire lifecycle of your products.
Engineering service company KINEX BEARINGS, as we have helped many of our customers to:
  • optimize the quality and performance of designs
  • finding the main causes of failure of bearings and machinery
  • in accelerating time to market the product for its knowledge and experience
  • When mounting bearings in special products providing useful information, guidelines and recommending assembly of mechanical and hydraulic tools and equipment
  • Structural and technological department provides the design of new products and new processes in the field of bearings.
Main activities are:
  • calculation of static and dynamic load capacity
  • assembly modeling
  • design of bearings
These activities used by an experienced team of developers powerful computing and software as a top INVENTOR from Autodesk Inventor, Pro/Engineer and AutoCAD.