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Business merger announcement

Business merger announcement

KINEX BEARINGS enters CK Birla Group KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. is pleased to announce that on 15th of January 2020, we have succ ...

Summer textile fairs

Summer textile fairs

This year, KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. attended two large fairs that focus on textile and garment technologies. The first one, ITMA, r ...

Czech Raildays 2019

Czech Raildays 2019

    In 2019, the most important exhibition in Central Europe dedicated to railway transportation products and ...

KINEX customers' meet in India

KINEX customers' meet in India

KINEX BEARINGS views the Indian market as very important and perspective. Bearings from the former Czechoslovakia have had a go ...



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Clean Advantage





KINEX BEARINGS, a.s., aware of the importance of ethical behavior when it comes to economic and interpersonal relationships and within securing prevention against unfair or unlawful behavior including avoidance of possible criminal responsibility of the company, accepts this ethical code:



  • KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. practices high moral values and principles, while emphasizing on upholding legislation and legal standards.
  • KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. does not tolerate any unlawful, non-ethical or unfair actions.
  • Every employee is required to work properly to the best of their abilities and knowledge, while avoiding any action that could endanger legitimate interests of KINEX BEARINGS, a.s., or its assets.



  • KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. is a company with longtime tradition and a name that has in the eyes of general public become a synonym for the products KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. manufactures.
  • Employees respect preserving good name of the company and avoid any action that could endanger or damage the good name of the company. 
  • Employees retain confidentiality about facts they learned during their employment that with respect to the company interest cannot be shared with a third person.


  • All the decisions that KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. employees make during their work duties are corresponding with the best interests and made for the benefit of KINEX BEARINGS, a.s.
  • Employees cannot take into account their personal interests and gains during their work duties at the expense of KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. interests or benefits.
  • Employees will not accept nor offer any form of gift or offering that could form a commitment with the originator of the gift or offering in the future, or even a hint of such commitment, always with common sense and local customs are taken into account
  • Employees, business partners and customers of KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. are allowed to report non-ethical or fraudulent behavior through its established procedures. 


  • KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. is aware of the importance of human potential not only in the form of its employees but also in its suppliers and customers.
  • KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. and its employees are experts in their field and respect legitimate interests and requirements of its business partners.
  • Responsiveness and fair relationships are the principles for business success.
  • Suppliers are chosen with high care so that the maximal product quality standard for satisfying the customer is respected. 
  • KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. is a holder of the following certificates: ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO/TS 16949; AS 9001; OHSAS 18001; NADCAP, IRIS, TSI.


  • Ethical code of KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. isn’t an obligation only for its employees but a request to carry over adhering the principles of the code to business partners of KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. as well.
  • In continuity to the ethical code of KINEX BEARINGS, a.s., ethical code enforcement rules are being accepted with setting more detailed principles and rules as their purpose, all this to introduce it and adhere it in the company