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Bore diameter Exactly
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The research and development is ensured by a highly-qualified collective of development workers in close cooperation with the customers. The innovation of the products is based on the experience and knowledge of the employees and on the cooperation with universities. It is also applied to all products of the latest knowledge of materials engineering and its own know-how in the field of heat treatment and machining of metals.


In the domain of materials, the development treats the application of:

  • new stainless steels
  • new plastic cages
  • ceramics
  • and rolling elements.
  • coated materials
  • special lubricants and tribology
  • reduce friction and energy losses in eco-design new products

Tests and testing

Technical resources for the testing of special double-row bearings We have a testing room equipped with testing stands to monitor the life using the method according to renowned car manufacturers.

stend na určovanie životnosti ložísk Fordovou skúškou   

Technical resources for the testing of one-row bearings

  • Basic dynamic carrying capacity tests catalogue bearings in the range of d = 15 – 130 mm, D = 16 – 250 mm
  • Basic rotation frequency tests catalogue bearings in the range of d = 25 – 45 mm, D = 68 – 120 mm
  • functional tests of catalogue bearings in the range of d = 25 – 85 mm, D = 47 – 130 mm
  • tests of the life of bearings for rail vehicles d = 120 – 130 mm, D = 240 – 250 mm
  • evaluation of the bearings vibration level d = 10 – 100 mm, D = 10 – 160 mm


Material analysis

Modern technology (spectral analysis, micromeasurement of hardness, study of structures) is used for the testing of metallographic analyses.