Special Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Railway Vehicles

KINEX bearings are used in railway vehicles for axleboxes, in traction motors and generators, in drives of blowers, in exciters and axle–driven generators, in compressors’ motors and in gear–boxes.

For railway vehicle axleboxes the bearings with machined brass or plastic cages are manufactured. For higher speeds the internal design is specifically adapted.
The roller bearings with machined brass cages, in various design versions, are used mostly for traction motors and drives arrangements.
The axle box bearing production is assured in complience with the European standard EN 12080. The axle bearings correspond to the requirements of the European standard EN 12082, UIC 515-5.
Detailed information on bearings for railway vehicles (calculations,mounting, dismounting, maintenance...) are given in a special publication “Bearings for Railway Vehicles”.


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