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We are an engineering company focused on development and production of:

  • single-row ball and cylindrical roller bearings and their components for engineering and railway industry, and machining equipment/ specific tools at Kysucké Nové Mesto plant,
  • special double-row ball and cylindrical roller bearings for automotive, textile and aerospace industry at Bytča plant,
  • general engineering production, production of tools and components for aerospace and armament industry, and production and assembly of steel structures at the MACHINERY workplace.


We have recognized that our customers´ trust and satisfaction, and safety of our products represent the most important goals of KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. helping us acquire competitive advantage



Therefore we set forth the following Quality and Safety Policy:

  • maintain and increase customers´ trust and satisfaction with quality and safety of our products and provided services,
  • maintain and win new customers in the area of automotive, railway, aerospace, textile, civil and machinery industry with quality of cooperation based on correct, long-term, open and mutually favorable relations,
  • maintain the quality management system (QMS) so it remains efficient and effective, and improve it in compliance with our customers´ requirements, legal/applicable requirements and own needs,
  • apply prevention and zero spoilage strategy in sake of product and services quality and safety assurance,
  • increase customers´ satisfaction, safety at automotive, railway, aerospace and civil industry, as well as the owners´ and employees´ prosperity with continued development of activities following the company traditions and achievements, with production process optimizing, implementation of new technologies, modernization of machinery, and application of employees´ skills and experiences,
  • apply the continuous improvement strategy to all processes and activities in order to improve quality, value and safety of products, and services provided to customers,
  • manage all processes with the aim to reduce risk and adverse effects on the customer,
  • develop partner relations and cooperation with decisive external suppliers and relevant interested parties in order to ensure their positive influence on quality and competitiveness of our products and provided services,
  • increase employee awareness on their responsibility for quality and safety of their outputs, ensure continuous development of their professional knowledge, increase their quality awareness on all levels through trainings and motivation,
  • maintain and improve the implemented QMS based on international standards ISO 9001, DIN EN 15 085-2, IATF 16 949, AS 9100 D, EN ISO 3834-2, STN EN 1090-1,2 and ISO/TS 22 163.


The company Top Management fully supports the declared Quality and Safety Policy. Fulfilling it, we undertake to follow the Quality and Safety Policy and require its following from all the company employees, external suppliers and all relevant interested parties.