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(Dimensions in mm)
Bore diameter Exactly
≤ d ≤ d =
Outer diameter Exactly
≤ D ≤ D =
Width Exactly
≤ B ≤ B =

Machinery - product range:

  • production of equipment according to the design of customer
  • medium repair of machinery
  • production of spare parts according to the design of customer

Tools- product range:

  • production of special tools according to the design of customer
  • production of special measurements according to the design of customer
  • repair of special tools
  • grinding and sharpening of tools

Components for equipment

Tools and fixtures


Special processes

For heat treatment, we mainly use heat treatment in a protective atmosphere. Assortment of heat-treated parts and semi-finished products:
  • bearing components for the aviation industry
  • parts, castings and semi-finished products for the aviation industry
  • semi-finished products for gas and steam turbines
  • cutting tools, bending tools, forging dies for manufacturers of tools for the automotive industry
  • shaped parts of molds for plastics
  • molds for shaped parts of molds for pressure casting Al - alloys
The special Heat Treatment process has received the following certifications:
  • AS9100D
  • Nadcap AC7102, AC7102/S – U3 Rolls-Royce, U14 SAFRAN Group, AC7102/5 – ASTM E18, ISO6506, ISO6508, AC7102/8
At the same time, they provide complex services in the field of special processes through modern special control devices - MPI and TEMPER ETCH.
All processes are linked to international special standards and are performed by qualified personnel.
In case of need and customer requirements, it is possible to certify the above special processes - MPI, etching control according to AS9100 and Nadcap requirements, which Kinex has experience with.

Julius Veverka - Sales Manager

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