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Bearings are an integral part of the rotational movement and are among the most significant parts of machinery and equipment. Their mission is to carry out rotational movement at high loads, when exposed to various forces operating in different environments. For several decades in various industries in the maintenance and overhaul remove bearings, then repaired and put into operation again.
Usually they have their shelf life and therefore undergo scheduled maintenance intervals shortly before the end of life, or an unplanned outage. Regular technical maintenance of rolling bearings increases their service life and improve safety in the operation of rolling stock.
In planning for the maintenance resp. unplanned outages at the bearings are subjected to inspection and assessment of their condition. On bearings shall have no damage. In the event of damage, the bearings being replaced by new, and their replacement can be costly and long delivery times. Looking up to the nature and degree of bearing damage can be such bearings after renovation returned to service.
Here's the place the question of how to reduce maintenance costs while increasing operational durability and overall bearing life?
The answer is restoration of bearings.
Renovation is defined as the maintenance process for extending the operational capacity and life of rolling bearings, which are already in use.
Renovation can be described as functional restoration of bearings, which is executed by replacement of the stressed volume of material or replacement of rolling elements or new plantations bodies. inner rings.
Renovation of rolling bearings for rail vehicles is a further service KINEX BEARINGS in the segment of rail vehicles. KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. offers this service on a certified workplace that uses its longtime experience in rolling bearing production. The service can be used for axle roller bearings in rolling stock for freight and passenger traffic. It offers short delivery time, comparable quality and lower prices compared to new bearings.
Qualified renovation of KINEX BEARINGS can obtain the following benefits:
  • By reducing their own maintenance costs
  • Extension of the operational life of bearings
  • Improve the overall reliability of rail vehicles
  • Prevent (avoid) scrapping
  • Reduction of environmental impact through recycling bearings
  • Cost-benefit analysis showed that the reconditioning of rolling bearings compared to buying new deposits is obtained by potential savings that can be achieved between 50-80%. It depends on the complexity and status of each bearing.
The roller bearing can in principle be used indefinitely, sooner or later there will be fatigue. Bearing life is the number of revolutions made by the one ring to another ring and the load until the first signs of fatigue on one of the rings or rolling elements. The experience of qualified renovations show that refurbished bearings can achieve almost the same durability and reliability as new bearings.