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Assembly trainings, disassembling and maintenance of cylindrical bearings for rail vehicles

Customer training performs experienced and technically skilled team of engineers. The basic attention training team is primarily focused on training and dissemination of knowledge of our customers' sales. Content knowledge transfer focuses primarily on expanding the knowledge about our products, continue to improve the reliability when handling our products, when mounting and dismounting of bearings. It prevents under the instructions and procedures for the correct mounting and dismounting of bearings and their use.
The greater part of the training activities are oriented to railway bearings. KINEX BEARINGS offers and provides vocational training and practical demonstrations of assembling and dismounting of rolling bearings for axle boxes of railway vehicles. The aim of these courses is to train and increase the reliability of assembly operations personnel for the proper performance of mounting the roller bearing, which is conditioned by the use of good practices, tools, gauges and lubricants. Based on customer requirements are implemented vocational training for railway vehicles freight transport, metro, suburban and locomotives.
KINEX BEARINGS training team is performed every year number of training courses throughout Europe (Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, France, Belgium, ...). Training are conducted also outside of the Europe.
After successfully completing the training customer staff are issued a certificate of competency perform assembly, disassembly and maintenance of bearings KINEX.
In addition to training at customer training team working in the capability of assembly workplaces with those customers. Team recommends measuring instruments, tools, lubricants and equipment which are essential for the proper conduct of assembly, disassembly and maintenance of bearings.